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Most say that the greatest feature of western North Dakota is it's sky! When this storm rolled in, it quickly became apparent why!
One of our favorite drives through stormy badlands skies is here:
Army of Aspen in IowaOld Glory Flies Over Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North DakotaBrilliant Yellow Fields and Vibrant Blue SkiesStorm Over the BadlandsStorm on the Horizon and the Bison GrazeSunset Over the Greens and Orange ButtesIn the Footsteps of Lewis and ClarkMoody Bison in the BadlandsOld School Scooter Shak, Mandan, North DakotaOld School Scooter ShakBison Crunching Frozen Grasses in the BadlandsTwo Bison Grazing in Winter at SunsetRaindrops on Blossoms Yet to BloomPromise of SpringBadlands Winter KaleidoscopeStoic Little ChurchThe Trees Wept For Their Weight In OctoberTitian Sky Over Old Shop, Viking TownshipMy Winter Home